Kim Kondrashoff - Now and Then (2020) [Country]; mp3, 320 kbps

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Kim Kondrashoff - Now and Then (2020) [Country]; mp3, 320 kbps

Unread postby CountryBlues » 18 Jul 2020, 08:16

Artist: Kim Kondrashoff
Album: Now and Then
Genre: Country
Released: 2020
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
  1. Bathtub Boogie
  2. Talk to Me
  3. Get My Vote
  4. Right in Front of You
  5. Beware of the Shark (feat. Don Thompson)
  6. River Queen (feat. Lenny Neimi)
  7. What We Had (Is Now Gone)
  8. To Be Alone With You (feat. Loretta Lee)
  9. Can't Touch That Phone (feat. Loretta Lee)
  10. Losin' Our Love (feat. Loretta Lee)
  11. The One Thing That Keeps Me Alive (feat. Loretta Lee)
  12. One Slips & You're Gone (feat. Don Thompson)
  13. Means Nothing to Me Now (feat. Sandra Capadouca)
  14. Beans & Wieners (feat. Sandra Capadouca)
  15. The Runaround (feat. Andrew Kavadas)
  16. Far Too Many Sorrows
  17. Red Silk Fan (feat. Andrew Kavadas)


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