Leeann Atherton - Fallen Angel (2021) [Blues]; FLAC (tracks)

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Leeann Atherton - Fallen Angel (2021) [Blues]; FLAC (tracks)

Unread postby Mike1985 » 17 Jan 2021, 05:15

Artist: Leeann Atherton
Album: Fallen Angel
Genre: Blues
Label: Rainstorm Records
Released: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
  1. Smack Dab In A Miracle (3:33)
  2. Joy (4:10)
  3. Fallen Angel (3:33)
  4. Straight From The Heart (4:34)
  5. Brand New Way Cool (2:29)
  6. Eve (5:09)
  7. Lift Me Up (3:46)
  8. Champagne And Pills (4:26)
  9. Cheater's Game (2:56)
  10. Little White Lies (4:28)
  11. Cleaning House (3:28)


You may know Leeann Atherton, or you may not. The fact is however, that her new album, Fallen Angel, is an ideal introduction. It reflects a singular talent, a woman who easily navigates between a variety of genres and manages to avoid being typecast in any one in particular. She shifts styles as easily as she navigated her musical journey, one that led her from Charleston to Nashville, and eventually to Austin, the place she currently calls home. Whether it’s the effusive energy of opening track “Smack Dab in a Miracle,” the compelling conviction of “Fallen Angel,” or the celebratory stance of “Cleaning House,” Atherton’s unceasing ability to transcend a remarkable range of emotion and expression makes her a singular presence, regardless of setting or circumstance. The blues and gospel filtered through “Lift Me Up” is as mesmerizing as it is masterful, just as the soul and sass that powers “Champagne and Pills” underscores her ability to combine her drive with defiance. Likewise, “Cheater’s Game” and “Little White Lies” spare no empathy for those that cross the transom from trust to betrayal.

Consequently, Fallen Angel boosts Atherton to a new plateau, one that is, in fact, the natural result of her determination to forge an identity that’s boundless in possibilities. Fallen Angel suggests that there’s no better time to get to know her than here, right now.
Lee Zimmerman

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