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Abe Rabade Trio - Sorte (2021) [Modern Creative]; FLAC (tracks)

Chamber Jazz, Improvised Music, Avant-Garde Crossover
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Abe Rabade Trio - Sorte (2021) [Modern Creative]; FLAC (tracks)

Unread postby Mike1985 » 14 Apr 2021, 17:59

Artist: Abe Rabade Trio
Album: Sorte
Genre: Modern Creative
Label: Nuba Records
Released: 2021
Quality: FLAC (tracks)
  1. Orballo 3:44
  2. Palpito 1:39
  3. Fluido 7:19
  4. Ideas 1:45
  5. Travesia 8:42
  6. Victoria 3:06
  7. Desencanto 6:52
  8. Desexo 4:26
  9. Lua 4:22
  10. Amencida 7:39
  11. Calma 1:31
  12. Retorno 6:45


  • Abe Rabade, piano
  • Pablo Martin Caminero, doublebass
  • Bruno Pedroso, drums

Sorte (*HANCE / LUCK / FATE / SORT (OF):) is the concept from which the musical ideas, the formal structure of the work and even the staging of the live shows have been developed. Sorte is a term that appeals to destiny, to the collectively integrated, to the revelation of a single element vs. all other possibilities, to the permanent (and often clumsy) pursuit of reality by the word.

It also refers to the methods of divination: through the random opening of books (bibliomancy) and specifically in Galicia through the extrapolation of the weather from the first 12 days of the year to 12 months; the so-called Sortes.

With the suggestive idea-force of Sorte as "a group of elements that have emerged through chance" an album with 12 original compositions emerges. All of them were composed within 3 weeks in 2018, in a completely free way, without any previous stylistic or conceptual corsets. It was only later, after observing what the soul essence of each piece was, that each of the titles emerged. And the title in turn enriched the final version of the scores with new nuances (due to the subjective connotations that surfaced in the composer and the performers), their approach in the rehearsals and live performances prior to the recording and, in short, the artistic production as a whole, which Abe Rábade Trio presents in this work.

Each piece in the album, therefore, represents a state of mind or a magnetic source of inspiration. The aesthetic range of the material goes from classical music to blues, passing through the influence of Galiza's traditional music, avant-garde timbre experimentation and of course the interactive and spontaneous elements so typical of jazz. The pieces were grouped in threes, borrowing the play of contrasting and complementary forces from the pictorial triptychs.

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