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John Coltrane - A Love Supreme (Deluxe Edition) (2002) [Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Jazz, Hard Bop]; FLAC (image+.cue)

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John Coltrane - A Love Supreme (Deluxe Edition) (2002) [Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Jazz, Hard Bop]; FLAC (image+.cue)

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Artist: John Coltrane
Album: A Love Supreme (Deluxe Edition)
Genre: Avant-Garde Jazz, Free Jazz, Hard Bop
Label: Verve
Released: 2002
Quality: FLAC (image+.cue)
    CD 1:
  1. Part 1 - Acknowledgement (Coltrane) - 7:43
  2. Part 2 - Resolution (Coltrane) - 7:19
  3. Part 3 - Pursuance (Coltrane) - 10:43
  4. Part 4 - Psalm (Coltrane) - 7:03

    CD 2:
  1. Introduction by Andre Francis - 1:14
  2. Part 1 - Acknowledegment (live version) (Coltrane) - 6:12
  3. Part 2 - Resolution (live version) (Coltrane) - 11:37
  4. Part 3 - Pursuance (live version) (Coltrane) - 21:31
  5. Part 4 - Psalm (live version) (Coltrane) - 8:49
  6. Part 2 - Resolution (alternate take) (Coltrane) - 7:25
  7. Part 2 - Resolution (breakdown) (Coltrane) - 2:13
  8. Part 1 - Acknowledgment (alternate take) (Coltrane) - 9:09
  9. Part 1 - Acknowledgment (alternate take) (Coltrane) - 9:23


  • John Coltrane - tenor saxophone, vocals (CD1#1)
  • Archie Shepp - tenor saxophone (CD2#8,9)
  • McCoy Tyner - piano
  • Jimmy Garrison, Art Davis (CD2#8,9) - bass
  • Elvin Jones - drums

Inevitably, certain jazz titles will be reissued over and over. Miles Davis' seminal Kind of Blue has been reissued many times, and you can safely assume that A Love Supreme will continue to be a decent seller (by jazz standards) as long as it keeps getting reissued. What separates this deluxe 2002 reissue of the John Coltrane classic from all of the previous versions that have come out over the years? For one thing, this version is a two-CD set; the previous versions were either single CDs or single LPs. While disc one offers the digitally remastered (again) contents of the original A Love Supreme, disc two is devoted to previously unreleased material -- all of which is aimed at serious collectors. Part of disc two focuses on a July 26, 1965, appearance at the Antibes Jazz Festival in France, where Coltrane, pianist McCoy Tyner, bassist Jimmy Garrison, and drummer Elvin Jones perform A Love Supreme's four-piece suite in its entirety. The quartet favors an inside/outside approach, and their live performances of "Acknowledgment," "Resolution," "Pursuance," and "Psalm" are more accessible than the atonal free jazz that Coltrane provided in 1966 and 1967. The rest of disc two is devoted to studio material from December 1964, including alternate takes of "Resolution" and "Acknowledgment." Collectors will be thrilled to learn that the two "Acknowledgment" outtakes find tenor saxman Archie Shepp and bassist Art Davis joining Coltrane's quartet; neither Shepp nor Davis are present on any of the previous A Love Supreme reissues. Casual listeners are advised to pass on this double CD and stick to a single-CD version of A Love Supreme -- this two-disc set is strictly for collectors and hardcore fans, and those who fit that description will no doubt find it to be fascinating.
Review by Alex Henderson

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