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Sister Rosetta Tharpe - The Original Soul Sister (2002) [Gospel, Soul, Blues]; FLAC (image+.cue)

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Sister Rosetta Tharpe - The Original Soul Sister (2002) [Gospel, Soul, Blues]; FLAC (image+.cue)

Unread postby Mike1985 » 18 Apr 2022, 16:22

Artist: Sister Rosetta Tharpe
Album: The Original Soul Sister
Genre: Gospel, Soul, Blues
Label: Proper Records
Released: 2002
Quality: FLAC (image+.cue)
    CD 1 - Shout Sister Shout
  1. Rock Me
  2. That's All
  3. My Man And I
  4. The Lonesome Road
  5. Bring Back Those Happy Days
  6. This Train
  7. I Looked Down The Lane (And I Wondered)
  8. God Don't Like It
  9. Beams Of Heaven
  10. Saviour Don't Pass Me By
  11. The End Of My Journey
  12. Sit Down
  13. There Is Something Within Me
  14. Stand By Me
  15. Trouble In Mind
  16. Rock Daniel
  17. Four Or Five Times
  18. Shout, Sister, Shout
  19. The Lonesome Road
  20. Shout, Sister, Shout

    CD 2 - Rock Me
  1. Rock Me
  2. That's All
  3. Just A Closer Walk With Thee
  4. Precious Lord, Hold My Hand
  5. I'm In His Care
  6. Nobody's Fault But Mine
  7. I Want A Tall Skinny Papa
  8. What He Done For Me
  9. I Want Jesus To Walk Around My Bedside
  10. All Over This World
  11. Pure Religion
  12. Rock Me
  13. That's All
  14. Trouble In Mind
  15. Rock Daniel
  16. Down By The Riverside
  17. I Want A Tall Skinny Papa
  18. This Train
  19. Sin Is To Blame
  20. That's All

    CD 3 - Singing In My Soul
  1. Let That Liar Alone
  2. The Devil Has Thrown Him Down
  3. Sleep On Darling Mother
  4. God Don't Like It
  5. I Want To Live So God Can Use Me
  6. Rock Me
  7. What's The News
  8. Nobody Knows, Nobody Cares
  9. Jesus Taught Me How To Pray
  10. Forgive Me Lord And Try Me One More Time
  11. What Is The Soul Of Man?
  12. Singing In My Soul
  13. I Claim Jesus First
  14. Strange Things Happening Every Day
  15. Two Little Fishes And Five Loaves Of Bread
  16. Don't Take Everybody To Be Your Friend
  17. How Far From God
  18. When I Move To The Sky
  19. Jesus Is Here To Stay
  20. Jonah

    CD 4 - This Train
  1. God's Mighty Hand
  2. The Lord Followed Me
  3. This Train
  4. Oh, When I Come To The End Of My Journey
  5. Didn't It Rain
  6. Stretch Out
  7. This Train
  8. When I Come To The End Of My Journey
  9. Beams Of Heaven
  10. Up Above My Head I Hear Music In The Air
  11. My Journey To The Sky
  12. Teach Me To Be Right
  13. I Heard My Mother Call My Name
  14. Heaven Is Not My Home
  15. The Natural Facts
  16. Ain't No Grave Hold My Body Down
  17. Lay Down Your Soul
  18. Precious Memories
  19. Family Prayer
  20. Down By The Riverside
  21. Were You There When They Crucified My Lord?


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