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Karin Krog & Georgie Fame - On a Misty Night (2018) [Vocal Jazz, Contemporary Jazz]; FLAC (tracks+.cue)

Vocal Jazz
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Karin Krog & Georgie Fame - On a Misty Night (2018) [Vocal Jazz, Contemporary Jazz]; FLAC (tracks+.cue)

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Artist: Karin Krog & Georgie Fame
Album: On a Misty Night
Genre: Vocal Jazz, Contemporary Jazz
Label: Odin
Released: 2018
Quality: FLAC (tracks+.cue)
  1. On a Misty Night (Dameron-Fame) - 7:18
  2. I'm Never Happy Anymore (Dameron-Reid) - 6:00
  3. If You Could See Me Now (Dameron-Reid) - 7:49
  4. Accentuate the Bass (Dameron-Fame) - 5:36
  5. That's the Way It Goes (Dameron-Fame) - 4:11
  6. Take a Chance on Spring (Dameron-Reid) - 5:01
  7. Dig It (T.Dameron-M.Dameron) - 3:53
  8. The Happy Heart (Dameron-Reid) - 4:06
  9. Never Been in Love (Dameron-Reid) - 5:22
  10. Good Bait (Dameron-Basie)/Ladybird (Dameron) - 6:32
  11. Fontainebleau (Dameron)/Trane (Dameron-Krog) - 5:16
  12. That's the Way It Goes (alt. version) (Dameron-Fame) - 5:37


Karin Krog is one of the great jazz singers. Few others worked within so many different areas of the music and fewer still could have done so with the same assurance, commitment and elegance. Last years six CD box set “The Many Faces Of Karin Krog” released on the occasion of her eightieth birthday received glowing reviews all over. The new album “On A Misty Night” collects her recordings of Tadd Dameron ́s music with the great Georgie Fame and includes two previously unreleased tracks – all brilliantly arranged by Norwegian pianist, arranger and composer Per Husby.

Per Husby: “The project started out with the instrumentation. From my earliest years as a jazz listener I was always fascinated by the warm, encompassing sound created by the inclusion of French horn and tuba in a jazz ensemble setting by arrangers like Benny Golson and Marty Paich, and around 1980 I decided I’d like to try my hand at this instrumentation myself. Upon mentioning this project to Karin Krog, she immediately remarked, “You should look more into Tadd Dameron – he wrote a lot of wonderful songs that not many people know about, perhaps I could even sing them with your band”. And when Karin says anything about jazz vocal history, I listen. Besides being one of the world’s leading jazz vocalists for a good 60 years now, she is also by far the most reliable expert on this subject that I have ever met.

An initial recording session was done in Oslo in 1983, but only produced four tracks that, in the end, were never issued. The project was then presented live at the Molde Jazz Festival in 1984. Again, a recording tape was running, but there were a number of sound problems that made a full issue of the concert impossible.

Thanks to the support and help of Jon Larsen and his label Hot Club Records, we at last. managed to record a selection of Dameron’s music in January 1985. By this time I had also presented this project to Georgie Fame, who volunteered to write lyrics to some of the numbers that were originally written just as instrumentals.

The resulting CD in fact became what in the jazz world might be labelled as something of a success –earning a Norwegian Grammy for best jazz record of the year, as well as ending up on lists of critics’ favourites in magazines like Cadence (US), The Gramophone (UK) and Jazz (France). The realities of jazz economy soon hit the project after this.

After a few local club gigs around Oslo the project as a live act was shelved. Ten years later, however, jazz enthusiast and record label owner Bjørn Petersen volunteered to finance a rebirth of the project – this time taking it over to its homeland and recording it in New York with local musicians.

History repeated itself however, so that after another impressive batch of critics’ endorsements the project again ended up on the shelf – there being no way of finding the funds needed to do more with it. And on that shelf it would probably still have rested if it hadn’t been for Karin, who last year intiated the idea of reissuing the Dameron tracks from the two CDs. The original title for the first CD was ‘Dedications’ – and there is therefore nothing more appropriate for me, 32 years later, than to dedicate this reissue to Karin Krog and Tadd Dameron – without whom the project would not have been possible.

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