Luke Gasser - Flicker (2014) [Classic Rock, Blues Rock]; mp3, 320 kbps

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Luke Gasser - Flicker (2014) [Classic Rock, Blues Rock]; mp3, 320 kbps

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Artist: Luke Gasser
Album: Flicker
Genre: Classic Rock, Blues Rock
Origin: Switzerland
Released: 2014
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
  1. Not A Long Way Down (3:19)
  2. Blood Money (3:19)
  3. Bullet In A Gun (4:12)
  4. Fire On My Mind (4:09)
  5. Ceremony Man (4:48)
  6. Million Dollar Girl (2:45)
  7. Sister Sorrow (4:53)
  8. Flicker (3:18)
  9. Forget Me Not (3:21)
  10. My Sweet Angel (3:28)
  11. Cold Hearted Woman (2:45)
  12. Elijah's Song (5:41)
  13. So Tell Me - Bonus Track (3:42)

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Any man who's rubbed shoulders with Doro has my immediate respect and Luke Gasser has done more than rub shoulders with her, he's made a film with her...

Not that kind of film, you filthy swines! It was a film called 'Anuk', a tribal warrior tale set in prehistoric Switzerland (cue Krokus joke). In fact he's made three of them with her having just finished shooting the second and third parts of the 'Anuk' trilogy this year. On top of that he's all set to unleash 'Flicker' upon the world, his second solo album which follows 2012's 'Retribution' debut. Clearly a geezer with a strong work ethic who knows how to make the most of his time.

In fact Gasser's grafting soul shines throughout the dozen dusty rock tracks that make up 'Flicker' as the majority are cut from some very blue collar cloth. Like a Swiss Bruce Springsteen with some Sea Hags sleaze and untamed hair Mr. Gasser knocks out bruising tracks like 'Not A Long Way Down' and 'Blood Money' with laid back ease. The electrified countryesque vibes grooving smoothly from one to another, the harmonica billowing over the slinky riff of '...Long Way Down' adding fuel to an already growing rock 'n' roll fire.

'Bullet From A Gun' keeps the bluesy flames burning with another foot stomping brawler of a tune. If you ain't tasting smoke and sawdust in the back of your throat after this three minute barnstormer you must have been left unconscious from the one-two pounding of the opening duo. I'm spitting ash here!

Track four sees, or rather hears, Gasser back working with Doro again (what is it with this lucky bastard?). The Diamond from Dusseldorf stopping by the studio to lay down some magical vocals on the smouldering 'Fire On My Mind'... Tissues please!

Elsewhere the single cut of 'Ceremony Man' injects the rhythm back into the hard rock vein with a bruising shot and 'Forget Me Not' beats its own unforgettable path with some dust kicking swagger and a fistful of working class grit. Pow! 'Sister Sorrow' takes a backseat rest and chills with a meandering acoustic drive to carry it to its conclusion while 'My Sweet Angel' is so stripped back I hear slight echoes of the Suicide Twins haunting the silence between each winding word.

At Uber Rock we're here to unearth the stuff that's overlooked by the "mainstream" and Luke Gasser's 'Flicker' is about as earthy an album as you could ever hope to find. This is a strong album, its strength born from LG's natural songwriting and his vision and drive as both performer and producer. Gasser should be extremely proud of what he's got created here which in short is twelve tracks packed with life, dreams, hope and a Metal Queen.

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