Josef Burchartz - Every Breath I Take (2009) [Smooth Jazz / Jazz-Funk / Jazz-Pop]; APE (image+.cue)

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Josef Burchartz - Every Breath I Take (2009) [Smooth Jazz / Jazz-Funk / Jazz-Pop]; APE (image+.cue)

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Artist: Josef Burchartz
Album: Every Breath I Take
Genre: Smooth Jazz / Jazz-Funk / Jazz-Pop
Label: Jive Music
Released: 2009
Quality: APE (image+.cue)
  1. L.A. Calling (4:50)
  2. Sure Enough (4:33)
  3. No Samba (6:49)
  4. Night Spot (6:15)
  5. No Discount (5:21)
  6. One Of This Lonely Nights (6:17)
  7. Tuesday Morning (4:01)
  8. Chasing Chase (4:57)
  9. Longing For Despair (4:49)
  10. Nu Orleans (5:21)
  11. Joy Spring (3:55)

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  • Josef Burchartz - Trumpet, composition & arrangement
  • Dirk Erchinger - Drums
  • Shayan Fathi - Drums
  • Willi Langer - Bass
  • Ivan Ruiz Machado - Bass
  • Rens Newland - Guitars, programming & arrangements
  • Peter Legat - Guitar
  • Harry Ahamer - Guitar
  • Dieter Kolbeck - Rhodes, piano, keyboards
  • Aaron Wonesch - Piano
  • Erwin Bader - Keys, arrangements & programming
  • Iris Camaa - Percussion & vocals
  • Martin Fuss - Saxophone
  • Christian Radovan - Trombone
  • Werner Wurm - Trombone
  • John Sass - Tuba
  • Dorothee Badent - Mix & Backing Vocals

Since years Josef Burchartz is known as one of the leading trumpet players in Austrian studio and live music scene! Very flexible and talented he is booked as first trumpet in Big Bands as well as a specialist for combo brass section playing. He is on the road with numurous national and international acts, like Vienna Art Orchestra, Hot Pants Road Club-Grand Funk Orchestra, Upper Austrian Jazz Orchestra, Christian Kolonovits, and he’s a steady member of bands like Count Basic, the Gloria Gaynor Band andThomas Rabitsch Band (Dancing Stars, Falco, Musical Die Show, Starmania, Hansi Lang CD, etc). Although he was solely a sideman till now, he still was gathering and optimizing ideas for own compositions. Eventually in 2009 he decided to make an album out of this material. What came out is a surprisingly fresh and impactful recording. He activated his studio contacts and a lot of his fellow musicians, to begin with his Count Basic friends Dirk Erchinger, Willi Langer, Dieter Kolbeck, Martin Fuss, Christian Radovan and Peter Legat as special guest, further: Erwin Bader, Rens Newland (both as musician and coproducer), ShajanFathi, Aaron Wonesch, Harry Ahamer, Werner Wurm, Jon Sass, Iwan Ruiz Machado und Iris Camaa (Percussion & Vocals). Recorded in several Studios the final mix was made in the Rabitsch Studios by Doro(thee) Badent. Risky hornarrangements in extremely high ranges alternate with cool ballads. And as a rock in the center always the trumpet or Fluegelhorn of the competent leader! And a great groovy or funky background is obligatory!

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