Joanie Pallatto - It's Not Easy (2008) [Vocal Jazz]; mp3, 320 kbps

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Joanie Pallatto - It's Not Easy (2008) [Vocal Jazz]; mp3, 320 kbps

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Artist: Joanie Pallatto
Album: It's Not Easy
Genre: Vocal Jazz
Origin: USA
Released: 2008
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
  1. 24 Years Today
  2. A Love That Never Dies
  3. Get To Heaven
  4. Happy Life
  5. It's Not Easy
  6. Lonely Train
  7. Remember Me
  8. Tickle, Tickle
  9. Until I Touch The Ground
  10. Violets Are Blue


It's Not Easy is a very different Joanie Pallatto recording. Co-owner along with pianist Bradley Parker-Sparrow of the jazz-oriented Southport label, Pallatto has always had an open-eared approach to music. Her voice is warm, flexible, and inviting whether expressing joy or melancholy moods. On It's Not Easy, the music ranges from atmospheric pieces to intimate duets, from folkish music and the feel of reggae to adventurous jazz. All ten of the selections are originals by the singer and she is in the spotlight nearly all of the time.

If you listen closely, her lyrics (unfortunately the words are not reproduced in the liner notes) display insight, some wit, and a quirky way at looking at contemporary life, with "It's Not Easy" talking about the difficulties of writing a sad song when one is happy. However, the melodies are much less interesting, often using repetitive structures and not always serving the lyrics that well. Joanie Pallatto cuts loose in a few spots and is always fun to hear (though the group improvisation on "Tickle, Tickle," at over nine and a half minutes, is five minutes too long), but her CD is a mixed success. Her words deserve better themes.
review by Scott Yanow

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