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George Hamilton IV - His Golden Years (Remastered) (2020) [Country]; mp3, 320 kbps

Country, Bluegrass
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George Hamilton IV - His Golden Years (Remastered) (2020) [Country]; mp3, 320 kbps

Unread postby CountryBlues » 19 Jul 2020, 04:09

Artist: George Jones
Album: Anthology: The Deluxe Collection (Remastered)
Genre: Country
Origin: USA
Released: 2020
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
    CD 1:
  1. If You Don't Know I Ain't Gonna Tell You (Remastered)
  2. A Rose and a Baby Ruth (Remastered)
  3. House of Gold (Remastered)
  4. I Can't Help It (If I'm Still in Love with You) (Remastered)
  5. If I Possessed a Printing Press (Remastered)
  6. How Can You Refuse Him Now_ (Remastered)
  7. Only One Love (Remastered)
  8. High School Romance (Remastered)
  9. I Could Never Be Ashamed of You (Remastered)
  10. Half as Much (Remastered)
  11. Why Don't They Understand (Remastered)
  12. (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle (Remastered)
  13. One Heart (Remastered)
  14. Now and for Always (Remastered)
  15. Your Cheatin' Heart (Remastered)
  16. Wedding Bells (Remastered)
  17. Who's Taking You to the Prom (Remastered)
  18. I Know Where I'm Goin' (Remastered)
  19. Take These Chains from My Heart (Remastered)
  20. Cold, Cold Heart (Remastered)
  21. When Will I Know_ (Remastered)
  22. Lucy, Lucy (Remastered)
  23. You Win Again (Remastered)
  24. Gee (Remastered)
  25. I'm so Lonesome I Could Cry (Remastered)
  26. To You and Yours (From Me and Mine) (Remastered)
  27. Tremble (Remastered)
  28. The Wall (Remastered)
  29. Why I'm Walkin' (Remastered)
  30. Loneliness All Around Me (Remastered)

    CD 2:
  1. Where Did the Sunshine Go_ (Remastered)
  2. Before This Day Ends (Remastered)
  3. East Virginia (Remastered)
  4. It's Just the Idea (Remastered)
  5. Rainbow (Remastered)
  6. A Walk on the Wild Side of Life (Remastered)
  7. I Want a Girl (Remastered)
  8. Clementine (Remastered)
  9. Three Steps to the Phone (Millions of Miles) (Remastered)
  10. I Will Miss You When You Go (Remastered)
  11. Ivy Rose (Remastered)
  12. Those Brown Eyes (Remastered)
  13. When I Grow Too Old to Dream (Remastered)
  14. If You Don't Somebody Else Will (Remastered)
  15. Tell Me Why (Remastered)
  16. Baby Blue Eyes (Remastered)
  17. Carolina Moon (Remastered)
  18. Life's Railway to Heaven (Remastered)
  19. You Tell Me Your Dream (Remastered)
  20. Aura Lee (Remastered)
  21. The Ballad of Widder Jones (Remastered)
  22. China Doll (Remastered)
  23. Girl of My Dreams (Remastered)
  24. Commerce Street and South Avenue North (Remastered)
  25. Let Me Call You Sweetheart (Remastered)
  26. In This Very Same Room (Remastered)
  27. Love's Old Sweet Song (Remastered)
  28. Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes (Remastered)
  29. Auld Lang Syne (Remastered)


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