Eric Sardinas - Black Pearls (2003) [Blues Rock]; mp3, 320 kbps

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Eric Sardinas - Black Pearls (2003) [Blues Rock]; mp3, 320 kbps

Unread postby Mike1985 » 17 Aug 2016, 18:09

Artist: Eric Sardinas
Album: Black Pearls
Genre: Blues Rock
Origin: USA
Released: 2003
Quality: mp3, 320 kbps
  1. Flames of Love
  2. Same Ol' Way
  3. Bittersweet
  4. Ain't No Crime
  5. Big Red Line
  6. Liar's Dice Blues
  7. Black Pearls
  8. Sorrow's Kitchen
  9. Four Roses
  10. Old Smyrm Road
  11. Tenfold Trouble
  12. Wicked Ways

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Eric Sardinas is a good, even great, electric slide player, and his Dobro skills are equally as impressive. His band on Black Pearls, Paul Loranger on bass and Mike Dupke on drums, is also quite good. The problem here is the material. The songs, all written by Sardinas, are at the worst end of blues cliché. They sound good and rock hard, but in the end, you've heard all this said before, and probably better. Granted, blues feeds on recycled lyrics, and it is undoubtedly hard to find a new way to say "I've been down so long I'm gonna leave you," but it can be done (Otis Taylor comes immediately to mind). The highlights here -- the cheerful pop-blues of "Big Red Line," the bluegrass-paced Dobro work on "Old Smyrm Road" -- come on songs that step a little bit outside the blues-boogie template.

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